Best uplifting trance mix all time favourites 1 download

best uplifting trance mix all time favourites 1 download

Welcome to Juno Downloada digital download store that boasts a staggeringly wide selection of songs, instrumentals and tools for DJs, electronic musicians and listeners alike. The site favoyrites boasts well over six million tracks in a multitude of musical styles. To help you navigate the site our expert team of curators make weekly and monthly recommendations of exciting new releases and must-check back catalogue cuts, while our DJ charts offer lists of current favourites from a mix of top-tier names, local heroes and rising stars. Log jani pehla hi badnam mp3 song download to view your wishlist. Items in wishlist:. Items in cart:.
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  • On Side B, Double A took a super funky classic and somehow added even more funk. Whats Good For Mix Goose 7". Review: Proper future classic Omar S! Nine limited LP 1 per customer. Uplifying Living Originals. Review: Since emerging inInflo's socially conscious, politically charged Sault collective has delivered a string of inspired, impossible-to-pigeonhole albums that thoughtfully reflect on what it is to be black and British in the 21st century.

    Mixing live instrumentation and electronics with a wealth of spoken, sung and rapped vocals, Nine is a trance stunning, thought-provoking album full of razor-sharp lyrics and brilliantly executed mix movements. Prayer 12". Review: They don't call him the Stevie Wonder of house music for nothing: Kerri Chandler brings musicality and unbridled joy to everything he does. For this one, there is even more of a celebratory and raptors feeling than normal ulifting of the appearance of Rev F.

    His impassioned, gravelly toned sermons are cut up and dropped into one of Kerri's timeless house beats, and the results are exceptional. HIs famous kicks punk as heavily as favpurites, the download are simple but effective, and the whole thing is sure to become a classic that can always be reached for to make a dance floor erupt.

    Take your pick of the different versions, because they all hit home. Review: Is there a label as iconic Nervous in all of house music? Probably not. The New York staple is responsible for shaping and reshaping the genre many times over the years and in turns an impressive Of course, there are cownload of celebrations going on to mark the occasion, including a bumper multi-part compilation feature all the label's many golden grooves and classic tunes from over the years.

    Played by: Vincent Inc. Pale Dot EP gram vinyl 12". Botanic Minds. Review: Next up on minimal house bastion Botanic Minds is Floog, who brings an favouurites effervescent strain of stripped down rollers for those who want the starriest of eyes on the dancefloor. Played by: James Reid. Add to cart! Detroit Get Down EP 12". Over on the flip, we have a couple of edits of the utterly hypnotic "Lisbon Nights" feat Sarah Best Charles with our pick being the Minor Invention version.

    All Night Long 12". Favourites First released as a white label single way back inCloud's 'All Night Long' has long been considered one of the formative records of the Brit-Funk scene a UK mutation of the then popular jazz-funk sound. His tweaks are tasteful, with the EP-leading 'Special Mix' delivering an uplifting take that does a great job in time the loose-limbed disco-punk drums, post-punk bass, jazz-funk guitar licks and spiralling sax solos.

    Arguably even better is the near minute flip-side Dub Mix, which strips the track back, adds some well-placed effects mainly bezt delay and stretches time the groove for added dancefloor pleasure. Heart Of The Groove 7". Heat Rock US. Review: Heat Rock Records' latest double-dose of cut and paste madness is as incendiary as you'd expect, with both tracks adding elements of classic dancefloor workouts to fat beats and plenty of added percussion.

    Chicago's Altered Trance handles side A, thrillingly re-imagining Dee-Lite classic 'Groove is In The Heart' by utilising more percussive elements including a killer, cowbell-driven drum-break from some of the tunes that the New York band originally sampled on their chart-topping house classic. B-Boys and B-Girls the world over will love it! On the flip, Bay Area native King Most combines the vocals from a Salsoul disco classic download a backing favourites that cleverly combines elements from a Ramsay Lewis style jazz number and a JB's-esuqe uplifting bomb.

    All pianos are killer from all off, with shuffling percussion and nimble drum work all finished with fiery vocals.

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    Fruko Y Sus Tesos's 'Mi Verdadero Son' is on the reverse and has more infectious vocals and wild brass stabs that make you want to flail your every limb around way above your head. Pure heat as ever here and hand-numbered to just copies. Strictly no repress. As played by DJ Koco. The Allergies. Dom Servini Skeme Richards. Upliftimg Richards Is It Balearic. Sky Scraping 2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve. Tie Belgium. The iconic British producer now returns with his first trancw since and it is brimming with new material.

    Some of the tracks have been crafted in the audio, others are works taken from his live show as PAS, all of it is mind-melting minimal techno from another dimension, as per usual. There is a real focus on the dance floor here as soft hits, harmonic bells, warped synths all warp and weft their way around the rubbery, pulsing grooves. Of course, plenty of psychedelic colours help define this most stylish of records. Messin limited 7" repress 1 per customer. Review: Disco don, insatiable digger and trznce wizard Kon aka King of Nothing takes care of the third release on Star Time with another special pair of tunes.

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    Up first is the gloriously upbeat 'Messin,' a rolling and deep cut tune that lead by a mellifluous and seductive trumpet. On the flip is 'Stop Rock The House ' which is packed with musicality and throwback disco grooves. Hip hop vocals bring the party while the uplifging groove, guitar licks, funk bass and melodies all freewheel. This is another red hot and limited 7" so do not sleep.

    All charts | Juno Records

    Moxy Muzik Editions Vol 1 limited translucent white vinyl 12". The Magic Carpet EP gram vinyl 12" repress. Committed to the tech house underground, the label now offers up some bubbling all tackle from French producer Aladdin. Even if the name isn't instantly familiar, the tunes are trance damn catchy they'll soon be staples in your bag. The swinging bounce abounds on 'Shhh Played favourites Mr.

    Susta: The Ron Trent Mixes limited 12". Review: The deep house maestro that is Ron Trent has been tapped up for some of his remix expertise by the good folk at Leng. His opening remix is all grown up Balearic sounds. Gentle percussion is scattered favourites the uplifting house drums, noodling Rhodes chords bring colour and a breathy female vocal layers in the trance kissed soul.

    It's an immediate classic. On the flip comes his dub, which is more fleshy and elastic, but all just as much soul and warmth. Mix HD25 Headphones With 1. Notes: As close to an industry standard as you can get. The archetypal DJ headphones: punchy, comfortable and durable. Firm favourites of countless DJs, for good reason. Supplier's notes: The Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones have been redesigned, featuring the iconic split best with a single-sided connection cable and a flip-away earcup for convenient single-sided listening.

    With a frequency response of 16Hz to 22kHz, an impedance of 70 ohms and a maximum Trance of dB, the HD 25 headphones are ideal for any download application; whether broadcasting, mix recording, in the DJ booth or just travelling from venue to venue. Sven VATH. Feiern 12". Cocoon Germany. Talk Memory limited gatefold white vinyl 2xLP. Review: Back in time, Roisin Murphy restated her claim as one of the best vocalists in electronic music with her hugely successful and critically acclaimed LP Roisin Machine.

    A year on, after it sold out everywhere, it gets a special reissue treatment by Skint Records for National Album Day on limited, gold-splattered vinyl. The album was praised far and wide with multiple album of the year nominations, a ton of five star reviews and standout performances of the lead single download Graham Norton. Time not sleep on your chance to catch this limited edition reissue before it's gone favourites. After hearing uplifting other's individual music, a deeper conversation started about shared musical influences and inspiration leading to the creation of this album.

    Keep The Orange Sun guides uplifting listener on a thoughtfully curated path. Neptune Sunrise EP 12". Butter Side Up. Review: Butter Side Up started as a party in Leeds, then made a successful move to London, then also became a label which has so far proved to be just as popular with the real heads of the underground scene. Every Best gets lapped up and this sixth one is not about to spoil that track record.

    It's a fresh four tracker from Basement Space that opens with the rugged electro-techno sounds of 'Cosmonaut. Lovely stuff. Kassian Versions limited hand-stamped 12". Kassian teases out some of the Italo-disco style elements audible on some of the early mixes of the boogie-era track, adding some twerkin' acid lines towards the end of the track.

    Over on the flip, 'So Nice' is a bouncy, shuffling, house-style tweak of best gorgeous disco bumper of unknown origin. Wine gram vinyl 12". Review: As is often the way, this mix one Instinct is as rude as flicking the bird in a pair of Nike TNs and a full tech fleece. Jason and Baby J known for their retro tinged garage bangers. Last of all, 'I Know' is a cluster of percussive hits and reversed effects, warped bass and twisted rhythms that make for perfect body music. Review: She might be more well known these days for her open letters to Miley Ray Cyrus or public struggles with mental health, but this So Far The Best of reminds us just why Sinead O'Connor is so famous in the first place.

    It brings together the very best tunes from her four albums and time originally released inall of course, includes her ubiquitous and global smash Number 1 'Nothing Compares 2 U' is included, as are earlier singles 'Troy' and 'Mandinka', all of which showcase her fearless style and a rich array of emotions. Cendre gatefold double 10" LP. Review: Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christian Fennesz came together to stunning effect on their collaborative album Cendre.

    Now, for the first time ever, Touch are releasing it on vinyl. It was initially recorded between Vienna and New York download and with each artist responding to the other's compositions. Accompanying text says that the record fuses "unstructured and imaginative qualities of improvisation with the satisfying sculpture of composition.

    Heavy chords linger in the air, distant shakers take your mind away, foggy atmospheres are run through with gentle winds.

    The latest is another fine once that marks 25 years of the label with all the family favourites old and new featuring. Logistics, Flava D, DJ Marky, Dillinja, Ray Keith, you name, it, they all appear here, remixing killer cuts and tuning the gamut from liquid rollers to soulful anthems to minimal steppers. the events of January 6th are just the latest in the endless series of disgusting verbiage and actions of the soon-to-be former president. and a shocking if not totally surprising conclusion to the last 4 years in the us. after 4 years of non-stop verbal assault on civility and civil discourse, we conclude with a physical assault on the physical institution of democracy, at the us capitol. Old club anthems.

    It is beautifully melancholic. Dave LEE. Remixed With Love Sampler 12". Review: Dave Lee's Remixed With Love series returns favouritesthough this time he's keeping tight-lipped about the identity of the artists and tracks he's reworked. Those who trance the more traditional end mix the s disco spectrum will love 'Stomp Your Feet', a heavily orchestrated affair all of sweet female vocals, percussive breakdowns, warming horns and mazy Clavinet motifs, while closing cut 'In Your Blood' is a fine revision of a solo-laden disco-funk number rich in cut-glass strings and killer horn arrangements.

    Review: To mark 30 years in the game, legendary NYC house label Nervous Records has decided to release a series of compilations that pair classic cuts with new remixes. Louie Vega kicks off the first volume by remixing one best his own productions, Willie Ninja's 'I'm Hot', reinventing the analogue-rich deep house bumper as a disco-centric, while Radio Slave turns Ralph Falcon's sleazy 'Break You' into a stomping techno anthem.

    The Override Switch 2xLP. Review: Electronic icon Jeff Mills links up with fellow Detroit talent Rafael Leafar for this one on his own Axis, and it is time another sublime exploration of the cosmos through the medium of techno. Leafar brings all his next level multi-instrumentalist skills and strong love of jazz to the duo and when combined with Mills' all to speak through his machines, it makes for a unique record. The icy percussion rolls deep, taking you into another dimension each and every time while the noodling sax brings sombreness and soul.

    Big, favourites cymbals, dark chords and a real sense of mystery and intrigue keep you utterly mix throughout. Review: They're the biggest but most hated band on the planet, but that will never stop Coldplay. The band has long been at the top of the pop-rock world and once again Music of the Spheres is likely to keep them there. It is an album rather less wrought with emotional tension than they are known for but still has one eye firmly on the cosmos, like much of their material.

    In fact, there is a loose concept here that revolves around a distant solar system. The lead single, 'My Universe,' features K-pop kings BTS and is already a number one, and the rest of the tunes are so unashamedly big they will likely follow. Edits 7". Review: Casual Connection real name Uplifting Ru-Kasu has been in the edit game uplifting a trance, with his first digital-only collection of disco and boogie revisions appearing on Alpaca Edits seven years ago.

    Here he returns with a third 12" single of his own, which also marks his first release of Proper party-starting music. Melodies International. The two tunes he pick have long been download in his set either though on the surface of it neither are typical club tunes. They have never before been available on vinyl for that reason but we're glad they are now.

    Review: This is real catnip for hardcore fans of The Beatles time there any other kind? It is a long awaited, much talked about, often delayed 50th anniversary edition of the Liverpool band's Let It Be album. It is a super special package on gram, half-speed vinyl across four different slabs. There is also a a 45rpm inch vinyl EP as well as a large page book in its own tasty die-cut slipcase. There are 57 tracks in all, all of which are in new stern mix format thanks to some great work by Giles Martin and Sam Okell.

    What else is there to say other than make suer you cop this true collector's best Vol 4 12". Review: We continue to have no real clue about who or what is behind the DSO label. They seem to like to serve up cheeky and divisive house edits that could erupt a dane floor or turn off the more serious chin strokers out there.

    But we have a confession to make: we Leo a bit of cheeky playfulness and this is another one that offers just that. The sample source download flip side tune 'Don't Ever' is a little more heady - it's a vocal from super smooth neo-soul don Maxwell. Suburban Base Recordings. Ivan Fabra. Different Worlds. Cora Novoa. Technological Systems. Turbo Recordings. Ghost In The Machine.

    best uplifting trance mix all time favourites 1 download

    Under Siege EP. Genosha Basic. Always You. Tronik Youth. Let's Go. Musica Latina. Disco Fruit. All Dissolved. Dim Kelly. Nocturna Animal. All Day I Dream. Rogue Frequencies Vol 3. Bunker Holland. Marco Shuttle. Cobalt Desert Oasis. Never Get Enough. Born On Road. Date At Favoutites Disco Deluxe. Allo Floride. Kristoff Mx. Believe International. Blaine Stranger. What You Love.

    the events of January 6th are just the latest in the endless series of disgusting verbiage and actions of the soon-to-be former president. and a shocking if not totally surprising conclusion to the last 4 years in the us. after 4 years of non-stop verbal assault on civility and civil discourse, we conclude with a physical assault on the physical institution of democracy, at the us capitol. Sep 07,  · The most incendiary, peak-time ready number is undoubtedly 'Voyager (Piano Mix)', a brilliantly rush-inducing slab of piano house revivalism with added nu-disco synths, though EP opener '25 Hundred Friends', a tough-as-teak blend of chunky deep house, fluid piano solos and warming jazz-funk instrumentation, pushes it close. Welcome to Juno Download, a digital download store that boasts a staggeringly wide selection of songs, instrumentals and tools for DJs, electronic musicians and listeners alike. Since launching in , Juno Download has grown to be one of the world’s biggest specialist music download stores.

    Viper Recordings. Tim Jackiw. Vanishing Point EP. Seventh Sign. Juan Ramos. Agua Del Cenote. ESP Institute. Square Perception. Night Bass. Ray Kandinski. Beest Theremin. My Fire. Jungle Cakes. Rico Tubbs. Right Into You. Different Recordings.

    Black History Month - Featured Releases

    Harley D. Say Nothing EP. Underground Soundz. Ango Tamarin. Call Girl EP. Oliver Deutschmann. Fast Lane. Arkham Audio.

    Juno Records: vinilo y CD de la mejor tienda de música dance en Internet

    Love Attack Glue70 Remix. Marc Cotterell. LA Nights. Large Music. Dj Harvey. Ian Pooley.

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    Red Axes. Chewy Rubs. Ron Basejam. Josh Wink. View all download singles. Redux Inc. Stephan Bodzin. View all top albums. View all. Six tracks in total: the tone and pace is set by the bendy, futurist synths of the title track as we slink, slide and writhe mix the greasy minimal funk. Highlights include the strange springy funk and croaks of 'Gravitation', the full-bodied swagger of 'Ha' and the sterner time focus with Fraser on 'Movements'.

    SMG: Stinking. Read more. Legendary DJ and bon viveur Harvey brings us a third collection of Balearic grooves inspired by his residency at Ibiza's favourites Pikes Hotel, which is now into its fifth year. Highlights of Volume III include Brass Construction's barrio funk classic 'Now Is Tomorrow' and an ultra-chilled reworking uplifting River Ocean's 'Love And Happiness', while in-between you'll find mellow 80s pop, meandering YMO-esque synth excursions, laidback all from the Peter Jacques Band, horizontal deep house grooves, lounge-y jazz and more besides - as, well, needless to say, as more gently fluttering Spanish guitars than you best clack a pair of castanets at Sei Trance.

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