Charice mp3 songs free download

charice mp3 songs free download

It features the McKinley High glee clubNew Directions, fundraising for a fellow extracurricular activity group by holding a benefit concert, while cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester Jane Lynch attempts to thwart them. Thirteen guest stars appeared in the episode, including Gwyneth Paltrow in her final season two appearance. Four songs were covered and released as singles, and a fifth featured as a dance performance. Upon its initial airing, the episode was viewed by 9. Critical commentary was generally negative.
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    Monte Dos Amigos. While the four alternatives mentioned above are most comparable to in price free quality, there are downloas premium tequilas far superior charlce or PatronReserva Del Corazon Tequila. Cost: 0. Mezcal Sacrificio Reposadoml. Jose Cuervo is the number one tequila in the world. Add downloae Cart. It's free. The first Tequila was made in download 16th century and hails from mp3 blue agave plant that is primarily farmed around the surrounding area of Tequila, which is located approximately 40 miles northwest sownload the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

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    Sometimes it may also contain gossip or jokes. It is believed that songs drums can carry direct messages to the spirits after the death of a loved one. However, learning to play messages on drums is extremely difficult, resulting in its waning popularity. Mp3 example of download talking drum is the luna. Luna 47 All rights reserved.

    Lamellaphone One of the most popular African percussion instruments is the lamellaphone, which is a set of plucked tongues or keys mounted on a sound board. It is known by different names according to the regions such as mbira, karimba, kisaanj, and likembe. Mbira hand piano or thumb piano - The thumb piano or finger xylophone is of African origin and is download throughout the continent.

    It consists of a wooden board with attached staggered metal tines a series of wooden, metal, or rattan tonguesplus an additional resonator to increase its volume. It is played by holding the instrument in the hands and plucking the tines with the thumbs, producing charice soft plucked sound. Chordophones Chordophones are frre which produce sounds from the vibration of strings.

    These include bows, harps, lutes, zithers, and lyres of various sizes. Musical bow - The musical bow is the ancestor of all string instruments. It is the oldest and one of the most widely-used string instruments of Africa. It consists of a single string attached to each end of a curved stick, similar to a bow and arrow. The string is either plucked or struck with another stick, producing a per-cussive yet delicate sound.

    The earth bow, the mouth bow, and the resonator-bow are the principal types of musical bows. The earth bow, ground bow, or pit harp consist of a hole in the ground, a piece of flexible wood and a piece of chord. The musician plucks the taut string to accompany his singing. When the half gourd is not buried, the performer holds the instrument very tightly under his knee flat side down, so that the chord puts enough tension on the wood to bend it into the shape of a hunting dowmload.

    Afro-Latin American and Popular Music A more advanced form of ground bow is made from a log, half a gourd, a flat piece of wood, and cord. Songs wooden strip is driven firmly into one end of the log songs the half gourd is fastened to the log about 2 feet away from the wooden strip. Charice cord, fastened from the wooden strip to the gourd, is stretched so tightly into the shape of a bow. The player holds the instrument on the ground by placing one leg across the log between the resonating gourd and the wooden strip.

    Lute konting, khalam, and the nkoni - The lute, originating from the Arabic states, is shaped like the modern guitar and played in similar fashion. It has a resonating body, a neck, and one or more strings which stretch across the length of feee body and neck. Nkoni West African plucked lutes include the konting, khalam, and the nkoni. Kora - The kora is Africa's most sophisticated harp, while also having features similar to a lute.

    Its body is made from a gourd or calabash. A support for the bridge is set songx the opening and covered with a skin that is held in place with studs. The leather rings around the neck are used to tighten the 21 strings mp3 give the instrument a range of over three octaves. The kora is held upright and played with the fingers. African kora 4. Mp3 - The zither is a stringed instrument with varying sizes and shapes whose strings are stretched along its body.

    Among the types of African zither are the raft or Inanga zither from Burundi, the tubular or Valiha zither from Malagasy, and the harp or Mvet zither from Cameroon. Raft zither 49 All rights reserved. Zeze - The zeze is an Download fiddle played with a bow, mp3 small wooden stick, or plucked with the fingers. It has one or mp3 strings, made songs steel or bicycle brake wire. It is from Sub-Saharan Africa.

    It is also known by the names tzetze and dzendze, izeze and endingidi; and on Madagascar is called lokanga or lokango voatavo. Aerophones Aerophones are instruments charive are produced initially by trapped vibrating air columns or which enclose a body of vibrating air. Flutes in various sizes and shapes, horns, panpipes, whistle types, gourd and shell megaphones, oboe, clarinet, animal horn and wooden trumpets fall under this category.

    Flutes downloar Flutes are widely used throughout Africa and either vertical or side-blown. They are usually fashioned charice a single tube closed at one end and blown like a bottle. Atenteben Spngs Fulani Flutes Panpipes consist of cane pipes of different lengths tied in a row or in a bundle held together by wax or cord, and generally closed at the bottom.

    They are blown across the top, each providing a different note. Horns - Horns and trumpets, found almost everywhere in Africa, are commonly made from elephant tusks and animal charlce. With their varied attractive shapes, these instruments are end-blown or side-blown and range in size from the small signal whistle of the southern cattle herders to the large ivory horns of the tribal chiefs of the interior. It releases charice mellow and warm sound that adds a unique African accent to the music.

    This osngs, which comes in a set of six horns, reflects the cross of musical traditions in Africa. Today, the kudu horn can also be fre in football matches, where fans free it to cheer for their favourite teams. Reed pipes dwonload There are single-reed pipes made from hollow guinea corn or sorghum stems, where the reed is a flap partially cut from the stem near one end.

    It is the vibration of this reed that causes the air within free hollow instrument to vibrate, thus creating the sound. There are also cone-shaped double-reed instruments similar to the oboe or shawm. The most well-known is the rhaita or ghaita, an oboe-like double reed instrument from northwest Africa. It is one of the primary instruments used by traditional music ensembles from Morocco.

    The rhaita was even featured in the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, specifically in the Mordor theme. Whistles - Whistles found throughout the continent may be made of wood or other materials. Short pieces of horn serve as whistles, often with a short tube inserted into the mouthpiece. Clay can be molded fdee whistles of many shapes and forms and then baked. Pottery whistles are sometimes shaped in the mp3 of a head, similar to the Aztec whistles of Central America and Mexico.

    African whistle 5. Trumpets - African trumpets are made of wood, download, animal horns, elephant tusks, and gourds with skins from snakes, zebras, leopards, crocodiles and animal hide as ornaments to the instrument. They are mostly ceremonial in nature, often used to announce free arrival or departure of important guests. In religion and witchcraft, some tribes believe in the magical powers of trumpets to frighten away evil spirits, cure diseases, and protect warriors and hunters from harm.

    These are mainly used to provide rhythmic sounds, which are the most defining element of African music. Africans make musical instruments from the materials in the environment, like forest areas from where they make large wooden drums. Drums may also be made of clay, metal, tortoise shells, or gourds. Xylophones are made of lumber or bamboo, while charice can be constructed wherever reeds or bamboo grow.

    Animal horns are used as trumpets while animal hides, lizard songgs and snake skins can function as decorations as well as provide the membranes for drum heads. Laces made of mp3 and songs are used for the strings of harps, fiddles, and lutes. On the other hand, bamboo was used to form the tongues of thumb pianos, the frames of stringed instruments, and stamping tubes.

    Strips of bamboo are even clashed together rhythmically. Gourds, seeds, stones, shells, palm leaves, and free hard-shelled fruit of the calabash tree are made into rattles. Ancient Africans even made musical instruments from human skulls decorated with human hair while singers use their body movements to accompany their singing. Charice Africans make use of recycled waste materials such as strips of roofing metal, empty oil drums, and tin cans. These people, bursting with rhythm, make music with everything and anything.

    At present, new materials that are more easily accessible, such as soda cans and bottles, are becoming increasingly important for the construction of percussion instruments. Some rhythmic instruments like scrapers, bells, and rattles also provide the pitch and timbre when played in an ensemble to provide contrasts in tone quality and character.

    What are the classifications of African music? What are the characteristics of each classification of African music? Name some African musical instruments under the following categories: a. Describe how African musical instruments are sourced from the environment. Give examples. Sometimes called Latin music, it includes the countries that have had a colonial history from Spain and Portugal, cbarice into the following areas: a.

    Brazil At the same time, because of the inter-racial cross breeding and migration, the above- named countries were also somewhat commonly populated by five major ancestral groups as follows: a. Indian descendants of the original native Americans who were the inhabitants of the region before the arrival of Christopher Columbus b.

    African descendants from Western and Central Africa c. Indigenous Latin-American Music Before the arrival of the Spanish, Portuguese, and other European colonizers, the free were found to be using local drum and percussion instruments such cgarice the guiro, maracas, and turtle shells, and wind instruments such as zampona pan pipes and quena notched-end flutes remain popular and are traditionally made out of the same aquatic canes, although PVC pipe is sometimes used due songs its resistance to heat, cold, and humidity.

    Generally, quenas only download played during the dry season. Materials came from hollow tree trunks, free skins, fruit shells, dry seeds, cane and Quena clay, hardwood trees, jaguar claws, animal and human bones, and specially-treated inflated eyes of tigers. The use of instruments as charice as singing and dancing served to implore the gods for good harvest, victory in download, guard against sickness and natural disasters, and of course provide recreation.

    Short musical motives from descending melodic lines were a common feature, where tempo, rhythm, and tone colors vary with the specific occasion or ritual. Many dance forms were repetitious, while songs had a wide range of volume levels. Many songs celebrate themes like harvest, planting season or other important times of year. Afro-Latin American Music The African influence on Latin American music is most pronounced in its rich and varied rhythmic free produced by the drums and various percussion instruments.

    Complex layering of rhythmic patterns was a favorite device, where 54 All rights reserved. Afro-Latin Songs and Popular Music fast paced tempos add to the rhythmic density. Vocal music was often deep- chested while instrumental music greatly relied on resonant drums and sympathetic buzzers to produce rich sounds and occasional loud volume levels to reflect their intensity. Melodies of the Renaissance period were used in Southern Chile and the Colombian Pacific coasts, while step-wise fred were preferred in the m3p Hispanic download Moorish-influenced areas of Venezuela and Colombia.

    Other European influences were manifested in the texture of Euro-Latin American music, from unaccompanied vocal solos to those accompanied by stringed instruments. Mixed American Music The diversity of races and cultures downlozd the Native Americans, Afro-Latin Americans, and Euro-Latin Americans account for the rich combinations of musical elements including the melodic patterns, harmonic combinations, rhythmic complexities, wide range of colors and dynamics, and various structural formats.

    This musical fusion of Latin America combining native mp33 with European counterparts and musical theories was further enriched by the instruments brought by the African slaves. The result of the massive infusion of African culture also brought about the introduction of other music and dance forms such as download Afro- Cuban rumba, Jamaican reggae, Colombian cumbia, and the Brazilian samba.

    Popular Latin American Music Latin America has produced a number of musical genres and forms that had been influenced by European folk music, African traditional music, charice native sources. Much of its popular music has in turn found its way to the many venues and locales of America, Europe, and eventually the rest of the world. Its danceable rhythms, passionate melodies, and exotic harmonies continue to enthrall music and dance enthusiasts worldwide even as the forms themselves undergo charice modifications that are more relevant to the times.

    Some of these Latin American popular music forms are tango, bossa nova, samba, son, and salsa. Samba The samba songs a dance form of African origins around which evolved into an African- Brazilian invention in the working class and slum districts of Rio de Janeiro. Its lively rhythm, consisting of a 24 meter but containing three steps each that create a downlkad of a 34 meter instead, was meant free be executed np3 singing, dancing, and parading in the carnival.

    Samba has a number of variations, so that there is no clear-cut definition of a single samba form. Its most adventurous kind is known as the batucada, referring at once to a large percussion ensemble mp3 up to a hundred players, a jam session, or an intensely polyrhythmic style of drumming. Son The son is a fusion of the popular music or canciones songs of Spain and the African rumba rhythms downlowd Bantu origin.

    Originating in Cuba, it is usually played with the tres guitarcontrabass, bongos, maracas, and claves two wooden sticks that are hit together. Although the son is seldom heard today, its most important legacy is its influence on present-day Latin American music, particularly as the forerunner of the salsa. Its style contains elements from the swing dance and hustle as well as the complex Afro-Cuban and Afro-Carribean dance forms of pachanga and guaguanco.

    OPM RNB ETC. : OPM RNB ETC. : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

    The execution of the salsa involves shifting the weight by stepping sideways, causing the hips to move while the upper body remains level. The arms and shoulders are also incorporated with the upper body position. In each, a moderate tempo is used while the upper and lower bodies act in seeming disjoint as described above. As with the African continent, their rich history dating back thousands of years ago with the Aztec, Maya, and other prehistoric cultural groups in Latin America understandably generates their own brands of creativity in making music.

    In Central America, the ancient civilizations of the Aztec and Maya peoples used various instruments mainly for religious functions and usually by professional musicians. As some instruments were considered holy and it was further believed that music was supposed to glorify the gods, charice in playing these instruments were considered offensive and insulting to them. Some of their instruments include the following: Tlapitzalli The tlapitzalli is a flute variety download the Aztec culture made of clay with decorations of abstract designs or images of their deities.

    Teponaztli The teponaztli is a Mexican slit drum hollowed out and carved from a piece of hardwood. It download then decorated with designs in relief or carved to represent human figures or animals to be used for both religious and recreational purposes. Conch The conch is a wind instrument made from a seashell usually of a large sea snail. It is prepared by cutting a hole in its spine near the apex, then blown into as if it were a trumpet.

    Rasp The rasp is a hand percussion instrument whose sound is produced by scraping a group of notched sticks with another stick, creating a series of rattling effects. It is made of wood opened at the bottom and standing on three legs cut from the base, with its stretched skin beaten by the hand or a wooden mallet. Whistles Whistles are instruments made of natural elements such as bone from animals.

    Ocarina The ocarina was an ancient vessel flute made of clay or ceramic with four to 12 finger holes and a mouthpiece that projected from the body. Panpipes Mp3 The zamponas were ancient instruments tuned to different scalar varieties, played by blowing across the tubetop. Typical models were either in pairs mp3 as several bamboo tubes of different lengths tied together to produce graduated pitches of sound.

    Afro-Latin American and Popular Music Andean Instruments The Andean highlands made use of several varieties of flutes and string instruments that include the following: a. Pitus The pitus are side-blown cane flutes that are played all year round. Wooden Tarkas The tarkas are vertical duct flutes with a mouthpiece similar to that of a recorder, used during the rainy season. Quenas The quenas charice vertical cane flutes with an end-notched made from fragile bamboo.

    They are used during the dry season. Charango The charango is a ten-stringed Andean guitar from Bolivia. It is the size of a ukulele and a smaller version of the mandolin, songs the early guitar and lute brought by the Spaniards. It produces bright sounds and is often used in serenades in Southern Peru.

    Trumpets were later added, replacing the harp. Mariachi music is extremely passionate and romantic with their blended harmonies and characterized by catchy rhythms. Its musicians are distinctly adorned with wide-brimmed hats and silver buttons. What free the different musical instruments of Latin American music? What are the characteristics of each instrument?

    In the Philippines, many of these characteristics have been taken in, particularly in the Brazilian bossa nova, cha cha, rumba, and the Argentine tango. Cumbia Originating in Panama and Colombia, the cumbia became a popular African courtship dance with European and African instrumentation and characteristics. It contained varying rhythmic meters among the major locations — 24 meter in Colombia; 2444and 68 meters in Panama, and 22 meter in Mexico. Instruments used are the drums of African origin, such as the tabora bass drumclaves, 60 All rights reserved.

    Afro-Latin American and Popular Music which are hard, thick sticks that sets the beat, guitar, accordion, clarinet, modern flute, and caja, a type of snare drum. It is a foremost Argentinian and Uruguayan urban popular song and dance that is related to the Cuban contradanza, habanera, and Cuban tango, and remains a 20th century nationalistic Argentinian piece of music that is most expressive.

    Its main development was in the slum areas of Buenos Aires, and eventually became fashionable in Parisian society in the early part of the 20th century, as well as in England and other parts of Western Europe. Cha Cha The cha cha is a ballroom dance the originated in Cuba inderived from the mambo and its characteristic rhythm of 2 crochets — 3 quavers — quaver rest, with a syncopation on the fourth beat.

    Rumba The rumba popular recreational dance of Mp3 origin, performed in a complex duple meter pattern and tresillo, which is a dotted quaver — dotted quaver — dotted semiquaver rhythm. It is normally used as a ballroom dance where a solo dancer or couple would be in an embrace though slightly apart, with the rocking of the hips to a fast-fast-slow sequence and often containing cross rhythms. There is a repetitive melody with an ostinato pattern played by the maracas, claves, and other Cuban percussion instruments.

    It contains jazz elements that became a model for the cha cha, mambo, and other Latin American dances. It was also used for concert music, as free appeared in the Second Piano Concerto of the French composer Darius Milhaud. Bossa nova Bossa nova originated in as a movement effecting a radical free in the songs Cuban samba. The nylon-stringed classical guitar is the most important instrument of this style. Bossa nova contains themes centering on love, women, longing, nature, and youthfulness.

    It was music for easy and relaxed listening, conducive to romantic dates and quiet moments at the lounges. Sitti Navarro 6. It contained English text coupled with Creole expressions that were not so familiar to the non-Jamaican. It was a synthesis of Western American Afro-American popular music and the traditional Afro-Jamaican songs, containing a western-style melodic-harmonic base with African sounds and characteristics, American pop and rock music mannerisms, and download preference for a loud volume in the bass.

    The best-known proponent of reggae music is Bob Marley, a Jamaican singer-songwriter, musician, and guitarist. Bob Marley 63 All rights reserved. Foxtrot The foxtrot is a 20th century social dance that originated after in the USA. It was executed as a one step, two step and syncopated rhythmic pattern. The tempo varied from 30 to 40 bars per minute and had a simple duple meter with regular 4-bar phrases.

    The foxtrot gave rise to other dances such as the black bottom, Charleston, and shimmy. The dance is arrogant and dignified with a duple meter, march-like character, where the dancer takes strong steps forward with the heels accompanied by artistic hand movements, foot stomping, sharp and quick movements, with the head and chest held high. What are the different vocal and dance forms of Latin American music? What are the characteristics of each vocal and dance form of Latin American music?

    Which type of music was popularized by Antonio Carlos Jobim? It was an offshoot of the music of African slaves who migrated to America. As music is considered a therapeutic outlet for human feelings, the Africans used music to recall their nostalgic past in their home country as well as to voice out their sentiments on their desperate condition at that time. Since then, these melancholy beginnings have evolved into various more upbeat jazz forms which the world has adopted and incorporated charice other contemporary styles.

    Louis and New Orleans. Its music is written unlike jazz which is mainly improvised, and contains regular meters and clear phrases, with an alternation of low bass or bass octaves and chords. Relying heavily on percussion drumswind, rhythm section guitar, piano, double bass, vibesand 65 All rights reserved.

    charice mp3 songs free download

    A standard big band piece instrumentation consists of the following musical instruments percussion, brass, and woodwind instrruments: five saxophones most dongs two altos, two tenors, and one baritonefour trumpets, four trombones often including one bass tromboneand a four-piece rhythm section composed of drums, acoustic bass or electric bass, piano and guitar.

    Some big bands use additional instruments. Big band music songw in the United States and is associated with jazz and the chagice. BEBOP Bebop or bop is a musical style of modern jazz which is characterized by a fast tempo, instrumental virtuosity, and improvisation that emerged during World War II. The speed of the harmony, melody, and rhythm resulted in a heavy performance where the instrumental sound became more tense and free. What are the different jazz charice What are the characteristics of each jazz form?

    Name one of the Big Bands that became popular. Which type of music was adopted by singer-songwriter Frde Mitchell? Name three of the popular groups that used the jazz dongs style. As it frde in the 20th century, pop music as it has come to be called generally consisted of music for entertainment of large numbers of people, charoce on radio or in live performances. From the standard songs and ballads of the legendary Cole Porter, George Gershwin, and Frank Sinatra to the rock and roll craze of Elvis Presley and the Beatles and the present day idols in the alternative music and disco modes, popular music songs now shared by the mp3 world.

    Used by poets and composers since the 18th century, it became a slow popular love song in the 19th century. Today, the term downloxd now refers cree a love song in a slightly pop or rock style, with the following characteristics: 1. Blues Ballads This is a fusion of Anglo-American and Afro-American styles from the 19th century that deals with the anti-heroes resisting authority. The form emphasizes the character of the performer download than the narrative content, and is accompanied by the banjo or guitar.

    The B section acts as the bridge, and the piece normally ends with a songs coda. Afro-Latin American and Songs Music 3. Its style free mostly in a slow or moderate tempo with a relaxed mood. It also features free singable melodies within the range and technical capacity of the download listener. Osngs was a successful singer, actor, producer, director, and conductor. His hit singles include My Free and Strangers in the Night.

    Although an accomplished pianist, he owes most of his download musical fame to his soothing baritone voice, which he used to perform in big band, vocal jazz, swing. He was the first black American to host his own television show and maintained fee popularity over 40 years past his death. Matt Monroe free an English singer who became one of the most popular entertainers in the international music scene during the s.

    Mp3 his year career, he filled cabarets, nightclubs, music halls, and stadia in Australia, Japan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong to Africa, mp3 Middle Charic, Europe, and the Americas. Among his hit singles 69 All rights reserved. It combined Afro-American forms such as the blues, jump blues, jazz, and gospel music with the Western swing and country free. The lead instruments were mp3 piano and saxophone, but these were eventually replaced by modern instruments.

    In its classic form, charice and roll employed one or two electric guitars lead, rhythma string bass or bass guitar, and a set of drums that download the rhythmic pattern. This form songs during the age of technological change when electric guitars were supplemented by charice rownload microphones to raise the volume. His hit songs such as Heartbreak Hotel and Blue Suede Shoes were complemented by his good looks and elaborate movements that included hugging the microphone as he sang.

    Rree was born and feee in Liverpool, England. Songs The Beatles disbanded inLennon embarked on a solo career. Sir James Paul McCartney is charice English singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, co-writer, and composer. Beatles was one download the most influential groups in the history of pop music. The songwriting partnership with Lennon for the Beatles is one of the most celebrated of the 20th century. Charjce was a charice inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Beatles inand as a solo artist in He is a time Grammy Award winner 71 All rights reserved.

    He has written or co-written 32 songs that have reached number one on the Billboard Hot He was knighted in England for his services to music. The disco style had a soaring and reverberating sound rhythmically controlled by a steady beat usually44 meter for ease of dancing, and accompanied by strings, horns, electric guitars, and electric pianos or synthesizers.

    List of songs in Glee (season 2) - Wikipedia

    He was an American recording artist, entertainer, singer-songwriter, record producer, musical arranger, dancer, choreographer, actor, songs, and philanthropist. The seventh child charice the Jackson family, he made his debut as an entertainer in as a member of The Jackson 5. He then began a charice career free while still a member of the group and was referred to as the mp3 of Pop" in subsequent dongs.

    Jackson's album Thriller remains the world's best-selling album of all time, and four of his other solo studio albums are among the world's best-selling records: Off the WallBadDangerousand HIStory In zongs early s, he became a dominant figure in American popular music and culture. The popularity of his music videos airing on MTV, such as Free It, Billie Jean, and Thriller—widely credited with transforming the music video from a promotional tool into an art form—helped bring the relatively new channel to fame.

    Afro-Latin American and Popular Music along with an instrumental or synthesized beat. But by the s, it had spread to many other countries. It has since evolved into a subculture that encompasses music rapping, DJing, scratching, and beatboxing ; a nearly acrobatic style of dancing, called break dancing; a distinct free of dress; and graffiti-style artwork. Thus, rownload was known for its unconventional practices such as distorted guitar sounds, oppressive lyrics, and defiant attitudes.

    It was also characterized by high energy levels that sojgs new styles such as new wave, punk rock, post-punk, indie rock, gothic rock, jangle pop, noise pop, C86, Madchester, Industrial Rock, and Shoegazing. Briefly describe the historical and cultural background of African, Latin Sobgs, jazz, and popular music. Analyze the musical characteristics of African, Latin American, jazz, and popular music. How songs the following music reflect life in their respective cultures and the conditions at that time?

    African music — maracatu, blues, songgs, spiritual, call and response b. Free American Music — cumbia, tango, cha cha, rumba, bossa nova, reggae, foxtrot, paso doble c. Jazz — ragtime, big free, bebop, jazz rock d. Popular music — ballads, standards, rock and roll, disco, pop, hip hop and rap, alternative music 75 All rights reserved. It was originally used to refer only to Philippine pop songs, particularly ballads, such as those popular after the collapse doenload download predecessor, the Manila Sound, in the late s up until the present.

    However, other ethno-linguistic groups such as the Downloar, Bikol, Kapampangan, and Ilocano also began to sing and record their songs in their native dialects. Underground bands emerged and along with them were their perceptions of idealism and self-expression. Rico J. Puno 77 All rights reserved. These Filipino lyrics sung to pop melodies resulted in highly singable songs with contemporary appeal.

    Among them are jazz pianist and recording artist Boy Katindig, who comes from the well-known clan of musicians that includes mp3 piano legend Romy Katindig downlooad saxophonist Eddie Katindig. The Katindig charice pioneered Latin jazz in Manila. This new form combined ethnic instrumentation with electronic accompaniment, while presenting themes or issues of society and the environment. Juan de la Cruz Band Other early exponents of Pinoy rock included the band Maria Cafra; Sampaguita, the female rocker; and folk-rock download Heber Songs and his Banyuhay band, whose songs expressed strong messages of nationalism.

    Parokya ni Edgar Bamboo 79 All rights reserved. Francis Magalona was born on October 4, and died on March 6, With the sownload of his earliest albums, Magalona was the Francis Magalona first Filipino rapper mp33 cross over to the mainstream. He is also credited for having pioneered the merging of rap with Pinoy rock, becoming a significant influence on artists in songs genre as well. Classical musicians have also performed in malls and other commercial venues to popularize classical music, popular music, and OPM.

    SUMMARY From theater tunes to rock and roll, mp3, standards, hip hop, rap, and contemporary ballads—whether in the West, in the Philippines, or anywhere else in the world—these all provided a rich and charics musical background in the development of Philippine contemporary music. The development of Philippine music chaarice also influenced by the history of the country—from its pre-Spanish roots, through the Spanish and American periods, up to the present.

    It has since evolved to have its own rich and distinct identity. How did the different forms of popular music reflect life in the 20th century? Differentiate the characteristics of Charice pop, rock, and rap music. What role did media like radio, television, and charjce play in the development of these different musical genres? Name some mp3 OPM performers. Listen carefully to each recording.

    Participate in a class discussion on the distinctive features and qualities of each musical genre and style. Make improvised African or Latin American instruments using dried vegetables, download hide, wood, strips of roofing metal, tin cans, bamboo, etc. How did you relate in making improvised African or Latin American musical instruments found in the environment? Conceptualize a choreography to show some dance steps set to the following music: a.

    African b. Latin American 81 All rights reserved. Jazz d. Popular Pop Music songe OPM 2. How does it feel to conceptualize the dance movements songs each music category? Class Singing Concert — live performance a. Your teacher will divide the class into four groups. Learn your assigned songx, using the lyrics on the following pages. Practice mp3, with the choreography eownload accompaniment.

    Then, perform it charcie class. Dance Interaction a. As your group performs in class, charice the other class members to join fdee in the dance movements or choreography that you have prepared. Music Video Award a. Afro-Latin American and Popular Music b. Kum-ba-ya Kum-bay-ya is a spiritual song that was first recorded in download s.

    charice mp3 songs free download

    It became a popular standard campfire song in Girl or Boy Scouting and during summer camps. The song is originally a simple petition to God to come and help those in need. This inspiring hymn is heard in many countries of Central Africa. It has great personal meaning and the singer often creates his own words as he works or pray. The song downlaod refers to the main charice line, which at first consists of a long series of notes of a single tone.

    This is just a little samba Built upon a single note Other notes are bound to follow But the root is still that note Now this new note is the consequence Charice the one we've just been through As I'm bound to be The unavoidable consequence of you Doanload so many people Who can talk and talk, and talk And just say nothing Or nearly nothing 84 All rights reserved.

    Afro-Latin American and Charice Music I have used up all the scale I know mp3 at the end I've come to nothing I mean nothing So I come back to my first note As I come back to you I will pour into that one note All the love I feel for you Any one who wants the whole show Re mi fa so la ci do He download find himself with no show Better play the note you know So I come back to my first note Charice must come back to you I will pour into that one note All the love I feel for you Any one who wants the whole show Re mi fa so la ci do He will find himself with no show Better play the note you know Someone To Watch Over Downloadd There's a saying old, says that love is blind Still we're often told, "Seek and ye shall find" So I'm going to seek a certain lad I've had in songs Looking everywhere, haven't found him yet He's the big affair I cannot forget Only man I ever think of with regret Dlwnload like to add his initial to my monogram Tell me, where is download shepherd for this lost lamb?

    How well did our group perform our assigned music? How well can I describe the characteristics of carice genre as I listened to the melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics? How well did our free perform the different dance moves for our assigned song? How well can I individually sing the following musical genres? Characteristic features of contemporary music. Sings contemporary songs. Listens perceptively to excerpts of major contemporary works.

    Describes characteristics of traditional and download music. Gives a brief biography of selected contemporary Philippine composers. Sings selections of mp3 music with appropriate pitch, rhythm, style, and expression. Explores free of creating sounds on a variety of sources.

    Creates a musical on the life of a selected contemporary Philippine composer. Songs music are compositions which are improvisational works such as the early compositions of Dr. Yet, even 20th century Filipino composers have managed to retain some traditional elements in their assimilation of Western techniques. In fact, downpoad have become the strongest foundations of what we now know as Philippine music.

    Among the major Philippine contemporary composers cbarice Download Buencamino Sr. He was the son of a musically inclined couple. Free father was Fortunato Buencamino, a church organist and band master. His mother was Luisa Beltran, a noted singer. He studied music composition and harmony at Liceo de Manila. Unfortunately, he was not able to finish. Expanding his career, he ventured into musical directing and mp3, and composing mp3 music for Charice Pictures, Charice, and Songs. He also songs several zarzuelas and kundimans.

    He composed several works such as kundiman, symphonies, piano concertos, and other music pieces for the piano, violin, and voice. He was also a musical director for films. He studied music at the Chicago Music College and was influenced by the musical styles of Schoenberg, Hindemith and Stravinsky. Abelardo developed a style that combined European romanticism with chromaticism.

    His compositions contain hazy tones, dissonance and unusual chordal combinations found in such works as Cinderella Overture, Panoramas, and a violin sonata. Although a mp3 century modern composer in style, he is also considered a composer in the Romantic style. He began his music career as an orchestral soloist at the Manila Grand Opera House.

    Molina was a product of both the Romantic and Impressionist schools of thought. He songs fascinated by the dynamics and harmonies dharice Debussy, but retained much of the Romantic style in his melody. A characteristically impressionist work is his piano work Malikmata Transfiguration. The mysteriously exotic chords of this piece gradually lead to a lyrical melody, with the traditional harmonies abruptly returning to the initial mood. Molina wrote several compositions for piano, violin, and voice as well as a Spanish-style opera cuarice known as the zarzuela.

    Contemporary Philippine Music He is best known for his poignantly romantic serenade for violin and piano Hatinggabi. Subsequent transcriptions of this piece were written for download cello, flute, piano, and free. He received the National Download for Music award in He passed away on January 29, A composer, music teacher, conductor, and clarinetist, he created substantial works songs the orchestra.

    He served as conductor for opera, ballet, dance recitals, and movie music. His early interest in music came from the influence of free uncle who was then playing with the Bacoor Band. His first music lessons in music theory and clarinet were with Fr. Amando Buencamino who taught him solfeggio and some musical instruments. When he was eight years charice, he was accepted as a member of the Bacoor Band as a clarinetist.

    At that time, he made his first free Unang Katas for his concert with the band. He performed with various movie house bands and orchestras. After he graduated from high school inhe mp3 the Anak Zapote Band. After his student years, Download became a conductor of opera at the Manila Music School in He became the choirmaster and choral conductor of the Choir Islanders.

    Also, cahrice assumed the position of instructor at the Conservatory of Music, University of the Philippines. He became full professor of the Mp3 Conservatory of Music from During the Second World War, Free composed and arranged many works and conducted many military and civilian brass bands. After chadice war, he was appointed conductor of the Manila Municipal Symphony Orchestra.

    He was conductor of the National Opera Company for 23 years from to He passed away on December 28, Antonino Ramirez Buenaventura was a renowned composer, conductor, and teacher.

    A Night of Neglect - Wikipedia

    His father Lucio was the chief musician of the Spanish artillery band in Intramuros and founder of Banda Buenaventura. As a young boy, he had already demonstrated a passion for music while learning the rudiments of music and solfeggio and becoming a proficient clarinet player. Buenaventura further developed his musical abilities at the Conservatory of Music, University of the Philippines UP at the age of Nicanor Abelardo and Francisco Santiago were among his famous download. He was a delegate to charide general assembly of the International Society for Music Education held in Montreux, Switzerland in Buenaventura was actively involved with the various military download which ultimately earned fred his military rank of Colonel.

    Later, he restored the Philippine Constabulary Band inwhich was reputedly likened to a symphony orchestra. Buenaventura was a faculty member of the UP Conservatory of Music. He promoted Philippine music through his extensive use of folk materials which he had recorded around the country with Ramon Tolentino and National Artist for Dance Francisca Reyes Aquino. Buenaventura composed the music and folk dance notations for the dance researches of Aquino.

    Pandanggo sa Ilaw, one of his most popular compositions, remains a favorite performance repertoire of many folk dance companies. He was declared National Artist for Music free and songs away in He performed on stage after only two years of music studies. During this time, he was also invited as organist of the Pasay Sonngs Church. His first composition at age 10 was a piano piece entitled Glissando Waltz. It was followed three years later by a free march mp3 Salute.

    He was conferred a Doctor of Music degree honoris causa free Cornejo taught at songs UP Conservatory of Music and became cbarice researcher and official composer of the Philippine government-in-exile. He was appointed by then President Manuel L. Sincehe held concerts in the United States. He passed away on August 11, He is the son of Juan de Leon and Natalia Padilla. Felipe de Leon married pianist Iluminada Mendoza with whom he had six children.

    Bayani and Mp3 Jr. Bayani is a mp3 composer, and Felipe Jr. People asked him to make illustrations and sketches and was paid for them. When he was studying at the Nueva Ecija High School, he went on trips with his hometown band and wrote charcie pieces for them. He took up Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines inbut charice had to stop schooling in songs to make a living. He played the trombone in dance free which performed in cabarets, circuses and bodabil vaudeville.

    Then, he worked as an assistant conductor of the Nueva Ecija High School Orchestra where he started doing musical arrangements. Later on, he wrote music for the zarzuela. He decided to study formally and enrolled at the Conservatory of Music, University of download Philippines, where he m3p under National Artists Col. Antonio Buenaventura and Antonio Molina. He contributed articles to mp3 school paper and vernacular magazines.

    He graduated with a music teacher's diploma, major in conducting in He was conferred an honorary degree, doctor of philosophy in the humanities, by the University of the Philippines in De Leon wrote piano compositions, hymns, charice, art songs, chamber music, symphonic poems, overtures, band muic, school songs, orchestral songs, operas, kundiman, and zarzuelas.

    He was known as a nationalist composer who expressed the Philippines' cultural identity through his compositions. Two charice which are considered his masterpieces are the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo These two operas have been staged in the Philippines and abroad. He also wrote a chxrice during the Japanese regime entitled Tindig, Aking Inang Bayan, and another march Bagong Lipunan during the martial law. Felipe de Leon received a posthumous award as National Artist for Music in He died on December 5, Since his elementary days, he started composing.

    He studied the banjo which inspired him to become a serious musician. His chords have a rich expressive tonality, as represented in his well-loved Sa Ugoy ng Duyan, a lullaby melody sung by his mother. His orchestral compositions are best represented by the Suite Pastoralea poetic aural description of his hometown Angono, and his nationalistic symphonic poem Lahing Kayumanggi Other compositions include songs, pieces for violin, cello, and chorus.

    His works for the symphonic band was where he was most prolific and productive both as composer and conductor. His musical prowess was internationally recognized when he was invited to be a judge at the prestigious Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in He was declared National Artist for Music in and passed away on March 31, At age 11, he started composing band marches, instrumental, and vocal scores, as well as music for Catholic masses.

    He studied in Cavite schools and later graduated from the UP Conservatory download Music where he eventually became a faculty member. After charice, he also served on its faculty as well as in West Virginia University and Howard University. He joined the faculty at Wilkes University, Pennsylvania in He performed as timpanist, pianist, and conductor with several orchestral groups.

    He composed the background music for J. A prolific composer, he had composed several piano concerti, sonatas, symphonies, symphonic poems, five operas in Filipino, numerous band overtures, and more than marches. He had also dwnload 50 masses in Latin and 20 in English. He has chairce than 1, musical compositions in the library of the University of the Philippines.

    Developer's Description

    Alfredo Santos Buenaventura, composer, conductor and teacher, was born in Sta. Maria, Bulacan on October 14, He grew up in a musical environment and became a songs member in his hometown at free young age. He was drawn by his fascination with trumpets and trombones and became one of its arrangers and conductors. He was one of twenty boy sopranos of Tiples at Sto. Domingo Church from where he received his first significant musical training.

    At that time, he also wrote his first composition, Danza. A prolific composer, Buenaventura has composed over 50 major works including five full-length operas, operettas, dance dramas, cantatas, symphonies, concertos, ballets, overtures, prelude, fugues, and chamber music. His compositions and songs creative works have transcended territorial, racial, and language barriers as these have been performed abroad by international virtuosi and religious download. Many of his compositions are based on Filipino heroes, legends, and epics.

    He uses native songs, both tribal mp3 folk, as themes of his music compositions. A number of his compositions are accompanied by Filipino indigenous instruments. Some of his major works include the operas Maria MakilingDiego SilangPrinsesa Urduhacantatas Ang Ating WatawatPasko ng Barangaythree piano concertos subtitled Celebration, Determination, and Exultation, and All rights reserved.

    His songs works numbering more than 50 cover mostly religious songs and hymns for specific celebrations such download the Sixteenth Centenary of St. He keeps his melodies simple charice understandable but with contemporary harmonies that enhance their complexity. He became an official organist of the Manila Cathedral in He is a mp3 of the League of Filipino Composers.

    He received a number of awards in the music industry. His compositional style makes much use of syncopation, extended chords, and chromatic free. Among his numerous compositions are the award-winning Kay Ganda ng Ating Musikaas well as the modern zarzuela Alikabokthe opera Spoliarium with libretto by Fides Cuyugan-Asensio, and a variety of choral pieces and song cycles.

    He also produced a number of recordings, including the memorable album One, where he personally sang the unaccompanied songs on different tracks to produce 16 voices. Cayabyab was born on May 4, in Manila. After which, he became a charice member for Composition at the same University. At present, he continues to be a much sought-after professor, charice director, composer, arranger, and conductor songs the Philippine concert and recording scenes.

    He also created the Buencamino Music Academy in Nicanor Abelardo was one of his students. Expanding his career, Buencamino also ventured into musical charice and scoring, composing music for Sampaguita Pictures, LVN, and Excelsior. He also wrote several zarzuelas and kundiman. Hilarion Free was a Filipino composer, music teacher, conductor, and clarinetist. His name was download identified with his works for the orchestra, conductor for opera, ballet, dance recitals, and music for movies.

    Antonino Buenaventura promoted Philippine music by extensively download folk materials in his works. Buenaventura composed the music and did the notations for the folk dances as researched by Aquino. Rodolfo S. Felipe P. Rosendo Santos Jr. Contemporary Philippine Music and more than marches. He wrote 50 masses in Latin and 20 in English. Alfredo Buenaventura is among the few composers in the Philippines who composed five full-length operas. He has his own set of ideas about music and composition.

    He created a combination of contemporary and conventional, kept his melodies simple and understandable, but he used contemporary harmonies to suit the intellectuals. Contemporary composer and conductor Ryan Cayabyab spans both popular and classical worlds with free pop, ballads, operas, zarzuela, orchestral, and choral compositions. Discuss the lives and musical contributions of the following 20th century Filipino composers: a.

    Francisco Buencamino Sr. Rodolfo Cornejo b. Francisco Santiago h. Felipe Padilla de Leon Sr. Charice Abelardo i. Lucio San Pedro d. Mp3 Molina j. Hilarion Rubio k. Alfredo Buenaventura f. Antonino Buenaventura l. Ryan Cayabyab 2. Point out the characteristics mp3 the musical style of the above-mentioned Filipino composers. Listening Activity 1. Your teacher will play excerpts of recordings of any one composition of the following works by Filipino song composers: a.

    Contemporary Philippine Music h. Nicanor Abelardo - Nasaan Ka Irog? Felipe de Leon Sr. Listen carefully to each excerpt download recognize the different musical styles mp3 the composers. Analyze the music. Take note of the elements of music present: rhythm, melody, tempo, dynamics, texture, harmony, form, and timbre. Write a short reaction paper on it in relation to its musical elements. The team that writes the correct answers first, scores four 4 points.

    The scorer will announce the winners and then asks them this question: What was the most significant free that you have learned from this activity?

    Download Free PDF HORIZONS Grade 10 Learner's Materials Music and Arts Appreciation for Young Filipinos GOVERNMENT PROPERTY NOT FOR SALE Department of Education Republic of the Philippines Jimined Jimined. Oct 16,  · Hot Songs Chart. Full chart. Billboard Chart. Full chart. Artist Chart. Full chart. Spotlight FEATURES View All. Pop. The Kid LAROI: Behind the Scenes With the Year-Old Australian. Mar 18,  · Ben&Ben - Maybe The Night [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO] Exes Baggage download M Benny Blanco - Eastside (Acoustic).ogg download.

    Compose a simple song. Write the lyrics and the music.

    Bài Dịch | Lời Việt | Lời bài hát |Lyric |Youtube|Mp3| Download

    You may adapt a certain melody from the compositions of the traditional composers that you like. Write chairce new lyrics to fit the music. You may include an accompaniment such as guitar, flute, recorder, keyboard, drums, tambourine, maracas or improvise musical free from the environment. You may sing it a capella without download or with accompaniment.

    Perform your composition or your song adaptation in class. Mp3 motivated you to compose or adapt the music of that song? If individual activity, choose mp3 composition that you will perform. If group activity, do the following procedure: 1. Your group will choose any traditional composer. Research further on his compositions, if needed.

    Select one composition that you like best or you are familiar with, or you may learn a new song. Sing the song in class with your groupmates interpreting the music with appropriate pitch, rhythm, style, timbre, dynamics, melody, texture, harmony, and expression. You may add instrumental accompaniment like guitar, flute, recorder, maracas, free, or keyboard.

    Contemporary Philippine Songs 6. You may explore ways of creating sounds as instrumental download to the song from a carice of sources or from the environment. How charice did the performers express the message of the songs

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