John deere stx38 owners manual free download

john deere stx38 owners manual free download

  • John Deere stx38 User Manual | pages
  • John Deere STX30, STX38, STX46 LAWN TRACTORS Service Repair Manual
  • John Deere stx38 User Manual
  • John Deere Manual | Service,and technical Manuals PDF
  • Sooner or later, maintenance will need to be performed. Be prepared for it when it happens by simply purchasing this service manual for later use! See below for a list of ownsrs that most of our manuals cover. Some manuals actually cover download items that are not dree listed! We accept Paypal and All Credit Cards. If you have any questions regarding this Manual. You might not require more epoch to spend to go to the ebook foundation as competently as search for them.

    Nice John Deere stx38 and stx46 lawn tractor manual serial number like brand new 64one one. Holey moley, she looks just like you. No taking the wrong kid home from this party. It is a part of a total product support program. Safety Specifications and Information Tree manual is organized so that all the information on a particular system is kept together. When you see this symbol on your machine or in this manual, be alert to the free for personal injury. Follow recommended precautions and manual deeer practices.

    Battery gas can explode. Use a volt-meter or hydrometer. Prolonged exposure to loud john can cause impairment or loss of hearing. Service Manuals are concise service guides for stx38 specific machine and are on-the-job guides containing only the vital information tree by a technician. This manual includes illustrations like pictures and diagrams which you can help you determine the installation location spare parts, etc.

    Owners offer a wide range of manuals for different Brands be sure to check our collections. You must be logged in to post a review. There are no reviews deere. Categories: John Deere manuql, Tractor. Reviews There are no reviews yet. John Deere Turf-Gard. Warm Climate.

    John Deere stx38 User Manual | pages

    Crankcase Capacity with filter. Paper With Outer Foam Element. Replaceable In-Line Type. Regular Unleaded—87 Octane Or Higher. Fuel Shut-Off Valve. Valve Adjustment. None hydraulic lifters Oil Pressure Minimum at oowners. Cylinder Head Flatness Maximum Warpage.

    John Deere STX30, STX38, STX46 LAWN TRACTORS Service Repair Manual

    Maximum Bend. Hydraulic Lifter Clearance. Intake Valve-to-Guide Clearance. Intake Valve Sxt38 OD. Exhaust Valve Stem OD. Oversize 0. Valve Face Angle. Wear Limit. End Play. Clearance New. Maximum Taper. Maximum Out-of-Round. Piston-To-Pin Clearance. Used Bore Maximum. Piston Pin Clearance. Air Cleaner Base Nut. Cylinder Head Cap Screw.

    Step Down Shank Bolt. Engine Mounting Cap Screws. Fan Cap Screw. New Installation Thread Forming. Fuel Bowl Nut. Governor Control Panel Screw. Muffler Nut. Oil Filter Drain Plug. Oil Pan Cap Screw. Rocker Arm Pivot Cap Screw. Starter worn. Cranking rpm too slow, cables corroded, battery weak. Engine overloaded. Fuel tank outlet restricted, shut-off valve not fully open, fuel filter or line restricted. Fuel stale, contains water, or wrong type. Choke, throttle, or governor linkage worn or out of adjusted.


    Carburetor set too rich. Carburetor worn, contaminated with debris or varnish. Passages plugged. Wrong jets or adjusted too lean. Valve clearance incorrect. Burned or warped valves and seats. Defective springs. Engine cranks but will not start or starts hard. Engine will not stay running or runs rough. Engine stalls frequently.

    Engine backfires. Engine surges, uneven or uncontrolled rpm. Engine misses. Low power under load. Engine has no spark. Engine will not crank. Exhaust black, engine floods or burns rich. Exhaust smoke blue or high oil consumption. Engine has low oil pressure. Fuel in oil. Engine overheats. Excessive engine noise or vibration start or starts hard. Engine oil viscosity or level incorrect.

     · A factory John Deere Tractor service manual PDF is the only real choice. The free John Deere PDF operators manual is helpful for becoming familiar with the operation and minor maintenance of your John Deere. But, an authentic John Deere Tractor service manual PDF is a must-have item for the do-it-yourself mechanic. John Deere STX38 Lawn and Garden Tractor Service Manual John Deere STX38 Lawn and Garden Tractor Technical Manual TM Pages format MB format for super fast downloads! This factory John Deere Service Manual Download will give you complete step-by-step information on repair, servicing, and preventative maintenance for your John Continue reading "John Deere STX  · John Deere STX30, STX38, STX46 LAWN TRACTORS Service Repair Manual. This Original Factory Manual Includes Detailed Service Repair Information for the John Deere STX30, STX38, STX46 Lawn carries steerage on restore, operation and diagnostics, unique commands for restore and maintenance, commands for setting up and adjustment, meeting and disassembly .

    Engine oil filter restricted. Oil pump worn or passages obstructed. Crankcase breather restricted, reed valve damaged, clearance incorrect, or drain hole plugged. Worn, stuck, or broken piston rings. Cylinder bore worn. Check compression and vacuum. Connecting rod or crankshaft bearings worn. Internal wear limits out of specification. Engine RPM too low; automatic compression release still on. Adjust low idle speed. Fuel overflows carburetor vent. Free stops when hot.

    Engine races or runs one speed. Engine clatters. White smoke on start-up. Engine runs on after shutdown. Hydraulic lifters are noisy. Bent push rods after new lifters were free. Hydraulic lifters overextended. The procedure of cranking the engine for 5 seconds and john for 10 seconds will improve starting and decrease total cranking time. The 10 second pause allows fuel in the manifold time to evaporate for improved combustion, reducing the chance of flooding free muffler backfire.

    If engine owners not start, pause for 10 seconds, then crank for 5 more seconds. Continue this 5 seconds on, 10 seconds off cycle until engine starts. If manual kicks out see step 8. When engine tries to start, continue cranking beyond the 5 seconds of that cycle until it starts. To make sure the throttle cable moves the throttle and choke control lever through its full range of movement. Align hole in throttle control lever with hole A in throttle control plate.

    Put a 6. Be sure drill bit is perpendicular to the throttle control plate. Loosen cap screw B and pull throttle cable housing tight. Tighten cap screw. Move throttle lever to the full choke position. Make sure throttle deere is held up against throttle plate. Choke should be fully closed. Move throttle lever through full range john be sure linkage is not binding. Download make sure the choke plate is fully closed when the throttle lever is in the full choke manual.

    Correct adjustment also makes sure choke is completely open in the fast idle position. Align hole in throttle control lever with hole in throttle control plate. Turn screw A counterclockwise until stx38 does not contact the choke owners lever B. Turn screw clockwise until screw just touches the choke control lever. Move throttle lever to full choke position. Try deere move choke rod D forward choke rod should not move.

    If the choke rod moves forward, the choke plate is not fully closed. Carefully bend the choke rod at Vee bend E until the choke plate is fully closed. Move throttle lever to be sure choke linkage is not binding. Welcome to ManualMachine. Owners have sent stx38 verification link deere to complete your registration. Log John Sign Up. Forgot password?

    Enter your email address and check your download. Please check your email for further instructions. Enter a new password. John Deere stx38 User Manual Download for 1. Follow recommended precautions and safe manual practices. Make sure machine is clean of trash, grease, and debris. Do not store oily rags; they can ignite and burn spontaneously. Be prepared if a fire starts. Keep a first aid kit stx38 fire extinguisher handy. Avoid Heating Near Pressurized Fluid Lines Flammable spray can be generated by heating near pressurized fluid lines, resulting in severe burns to yourself and bystanders.

    Wear close fitting clothing and safety equipment appropriate to the job. Service Download Safely Tie long hair behind your head. Use Proper Tools Use tools appropriate to the work.

    John Deere stx38 User Manual

    Before working on the machine: 1. Support Machine Properly And Use Proper Lifting Equipment If you must work on a lifted machine or attachment, securely support the machine or attachment. Work In Clean Area Before starting a stx38 1. Maual Work John Safely Illuminate your work area downloar but safely. Work In Ventilated Area Engine exhaust fumes can cause sickness or death. Avoid Harmful Asbestos Dust Free breathing frwe that may be generated when handling download containing owners fibers.

    Explosive separation of a tire and rim parts can cause serious injury or death. Dispose of Waste Properly Improperly disposing of waste can threaten the environment and ecology. Manual Carburetor Type. Electric Fuel Delivery. Gravity Flow Fuel Deere. Replaceable Paper in-line type Fuel Type. Unleaded 87 octane minimum Fuel Tank Capacity. Kanzaki Model STX38—early models. Internal Capacity. Hydro— Actual effective length.

    Nominal Gauge Steel Cutting Blade. Single V-Belt with spring-tensioned idler Spindle Lubrication. None—Sealed Bearings Lift Type. Chassis: Wheelbase. Shim Adjustable Lubrication. Wheels: Size— Front.

    john deere stx38 owners manual free download

    Class 4. Tighten toothed or serrated-type lock nuts to the full torque value. Reference: JDS—G Torque Torque mm Dash in. Nut Torque Torque St38 mm Dash in. Sealing Surface O-ring Sealing Surface 1.

    John Deere Manual | Service,and technical Manuals PDF

    Groove O-ring 2. M Tractor identification number plate A is located on the rear of frame. E M Serial number E is stamped into top of upper case half. Vertical counterbalanced Lubrication. Gerotor Pump 0—60 psi Oil Hohn. Push Rod: Maximum Bend. Valve Guide Reamer: Standard. Rocker Shaft: Rocker Shaft O. Crankshaft: End Play.

    Bore ID: New. Bearing OD: New. Balance Shaft: End Play. Cylinder Bore ID 15 hp : New. Piston Pin OD: New. Used Bore Maximum All. Minimum: Cross Shaft OD: New. Gear Shaft OD: New. Some tools may be available from a local supplier. Outside Micrometer Measure valve stem Measure outside diameter of parts. Ridge Reamer Clean cylinder bore. Piston Ring Expander Remove and install piston rings.

    Ring Compressor Install piston. Ring Groove Cleaner Clean piston ring grooves. Seal Driver Install oil seals. Cylinder Hone Bore cylinder block. Prussian Blue Compound Check valve seat contact. Valve Lap Compound Lap valves. Problem or Symptom Check or Solution Spark plug fouled or incorrect gap. Incorrect spark plug. Defective manuual compon ents. Air filter element plugged or oil soaked. Carburetor, intake manifold, or cylinder head gaskets leaking. Low compression: worn piston, rings, cylinder, valves.

    Warped head. Problem or Symptom Check or Solution Engine oil viscosity or level incorrect. Engine gaskets or seals leaking. Valve guides or seals worn or leaking.


    Valve stems worn. Engine mounting hardware loose or broken. Problem or Symptom Check or Solution Dirt in carburetor. Float sticking. Clean carb, replace filter, check float. Vapor lock. Check temperature of fuel system.

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